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Barry Andrews

The growth in anti-European sentiment is not confined to the UK. Across member states, the democratic values and respect for human rights that are core to the EU are under attack from extremes of the right and left.

What is at stake is the survival of the liberal democracy that brought peace to Europe and 45 years of remarkable social and economic progress to Ireland.

It’s no exaggeration to say that our children’s future depends on the decisions that will be taken in Europe over the next few years.

We need to elect MEPs who are in a position to build alliances so that they can influence the Parliament’s response to big challenges of our time: climate change, integration, the breakdown in social cohesion, innovation and digital responsibility. Fianna Fáil is part of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, a group that is tipped to hold the balance of power in the newly elected European Parliament.

Lynn Boylan MEP

After five years out there, one thing I am sure of is that ordinary Dubliners need a voice in the European Parliament who stands up for them. If you leave it to Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil – their disastrous policies at home will be what they support in Europe.

If you re-elect me I promise that:
I will fight for you
I will fight for Dublin
I will fight for Ireland

Ciaran Cuffe

As an MEP I will act as a bridge to show Dublin what works in other places and what can help us with a just transition here. All over the continent cities are finding solutions to tackle emissions that improve quality of life. I want Dublin to be known for its walkability, bikeability and liveability. Let’s look to Germany for child-friendly cities; let’s look to Austria for quality housing; let’s look to the Netherlands for sustainable transport and travel. All over Europe there are solutions that can work here.

Clare Daly TD

I want to assure those people, many of whom are hurting and let badly down by our political system, that I intend to use the voice in Europe if I win a seat as I have used the voice in Dublin Fingal to be an advocate, a speaker-out for change and to rattle the cages of those in authority.

Frances Fitzgerald TD

This election is about Dublin’s future. There are many challenges, particularly Brexit, but everyday Dubliners turn challenges into opportunities.

Dublin is where I went to school, raised my family and spent most of my working life.

I’m standing in this election to fight for a world-class European city defined by equality and opportunity – underpinned by an economy that works for people and not the other way around

That means helping small businesses to thrive alongside multinational companies and supporting families so they can live close to where they work or in the communities in which they grew up.

Alex White

There are two stark visions of the future of Europe before voters of all 28 states.  One vision is proud of the achievements of the EU and has a belief in its potential to deliver for citizens in the critical decade before us.

The other vision is a destructive, negative view peddled by Brexiteers and populists of the far right and the far left.  They portray Europe as an enemy to be fought, an institution to be torn down.  Its ultimate goal is to disrupt and destroy the European Union.    I am glad that this view is rejected by the vast majority of Dubliners.

I am proud to represent a Party that has a positive, progressive vision of Europe and Ireland.  I am campaigning for a Europe that works in solidarity and collaboration to tackle the critical global issues of our times – such as the climate emergency, the housing crisis and the future of work.